The Printer Gave Us a Deal We’re Paying it Forward.


What does this mean to you?

It means, 8 empty pages at deadline which need to fill fast.

It means, that if you call and reserve a page with a credit card, and send us a full page ad by Tuesday, January 8th,
you’ll be buying a full page for the cost of a 1/4 page ad: $950

Down from $1,750

Dimensions? Full bleed: 7.375 x 11
or standard full page framed w/ white: 6.125 x1.25

Ads must be submitted as press ready PDFs: fonts embedded, raster images, CMYK, minimum 300 dpi, and minimum bleed of .625 inches on all sides.

For new ad creation (1 hour minimum, $95/hour) please contact:
Ken Nager – Treehouse Creations
Phone: 970.328.5222

Advertising materials and articles should be emailed to:

To reserve your advertising space in Mountain Medicine Directory, please call Mally Strong today at 970.963.2505.


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