Mally Strong

Mally Strong started Mountain Medicine Directory on the eve of the recession in 2007–and because the magazine provides value, has managed to build a thriving publication.  Mally went to CRMS, and graduated from St. John’s College, Santa Fe, NM/Annapolis MD with a Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts.  She has a passion for education, public policy, and community life,–and all these facets come into play in her work on the magazine.  Mally belongs to Aspen Poets Society, is a member of the Great Books Club at Carbondale Library, & regularly substitute teaches, after several years of teaching in the Montessori Program.  Cooking and eating out our passions–as well as reading late into the night.  Homer & Jemima Strong, her children attended Waldorf  & CRMS.  Homer, 24, graduated from Reed in Mathematics in 2010 and lives in Portland OR and Jemima,21, is a Junior at St. John’s College in Santa Fe. Mally’s grandfather, Frank Mechau, did the mural in the Carbondale Post Office–and her grandmother, Paula Mechau, started the Crystal River Conservation Society & established the CRMS library.

Favorite Reads:  Lives of the Early Roman’s, Plutarch/History of the English Speaking Peoples, Churchill/ Checkov, Troyatt.

“Passive resistance could never have worked against Hitler, there are real limitations.”    Mahatma Gandhi

IMG_9911 copy

Ivone Rodriguez

Ivone Rodriguez is the Managing Editor and Ad Sales Executive at Mountain Medicine Directory & Consumer Guide. In this role, Erica looks after all aspects of production, including acting as the liaison between writers, photographers, editors & advertisers, as well as providing keen organizational skills, time management, technological savvy, and attention to detail. Passionate about publication design and its possibilities, Ivone provides innumerable services that help Mountain Medicine Directory balance successful production, as well as developing advertisements, content, copywriting and branding for its clients.

Ivone graduated from Colorado Mesa University where she majored in Mass Communication/Media Studies with a 3.6 GPA. She was a writer and photographer for Horizon Magazine and developed the brand identity for Owlies, a fitness apparel company.

Prior to starting joining the Mountain Medicine Directory team, Ivone was a communications and marketing intern at Mesa County Public Health where she honed her design and public relations skills.

To contact Ivone please email her at


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