What our clients are saying –

Dear Mountain Medicine;
Imagine my dismay when one of my employees got hurt on the job on a Saturday afternoon.  We called the “approved providers”,given by the insurance company, but I got answering machines from each one of them!  I grabbed a copy of Mountain Medicine and flipped to your directory where I found the phone number for the After Hours Clinic.  Whew!  I am now keeping copies of Mountain Medicine close to the telephone for emergencies, recommendations, and directions, for my customers.  Thank you, for publishing a truly easy to use reference guide to Medical Services.

Maggie McVoy,
Four Dogs Wine & Spirits adjoining Whole Foods

“We were very happy with our ad and article in Mountain Medicine and
got a great response from it.  We are interested in doing that again.”
Kris Daler /  PR
Grand River Hospital District

“When we have new people, moving to this area, we make a point of
giving them this directory to take home. We’ve gone through three
stacks already. And, then people are picking them up all on their own
and carrying them out of here really fast. I can tell you, the public
is very, very, happy with it.”
Christina Smith
City Market Pharmacy

“Mountain Medicine has been a great resource for people in the valley.
People come back and often make the comment that it has been a really
valuable guide, and this is very unusual because we see a number of
guides brought in. They usually sit there. But Mountain Medicine flies
out! Then, people keep it and use it. In the past two weeks, customers
have made it a point return and talk with me about it. They say how
much they enjoyed the directory and ask when the next one will be
Kris Kawolski
Walmart Pharmacy
Glenwood Springs

“I love having Mountain Medicine resource – for both the clients and
myself. I like the easy-to-read layout of the directory. Everything is
in one line. We’ve got a tiny pile left from a huge one. I took some
home for me and my family. I use Mountain Medicine here in the
pharmacy. It sure simplifies my life. Keep them coming! We needed
medical resources for these areas in one phone book, so it is is about
Mary Davison
Safeway Pharmacy
Grand Junction

“I have never had a response like this to a print ad anywhere! ”
Maggie McVoy Sotheby’s, Aspen Land & Home Aspen


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