We save you time & money because we distribute to 3 river valleys to a “targeted audience.” What’s a targeted audience? People looking for health-related services. People looking for you.

Shop and compare.. a display ad for one day in a newspaper, to an un-targeted audience, is $750.

A display ad for a FULL year to a targeted audience in Mountain Medicine Directory: $750.

Ad Rates Only

With over 300 drop points in Aspen, Vail and the Roaring Fork Valley into Grand Junction, we’ve got you covered.

Sustainability? Deal with uncertain times by investing in durable goods. Mountain Medicine is an “internet driver”, guiding people go to your website for more information, thereby helping you make better use of existing investment in your website, keeping you firmly in front of a very hot market: 50,000 local readers who are actively looking to improve their health through services offered by our advertisers.

We help you gain access to a group of self-selected readers…they choose to pick up the magazine…market research shows that these readers are three times more likely to become participating clients than any other kind of reader.

Click on the link to download or print a copy of our media kit!

2019 Media Kit

One thought on “ADVERTISE

  1. I would like to post an ad in your directory. I am a new Headache Specicalist (adults and children). I am also a pediatric Neurologist. I am in Edwards in a solo practice aT THIS time.

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